A 6-Month Coaching Program for Men

Reclaim Connection, Trust, & Passion With Your Intimate Partner

* without losing yourself or sacrificing what matters to you.

Create Daily Connection

End Unnecessary Conflict

Foster Passionate Intimacy

We Know Your Struggle ...

You're exhausted by disagreements that never get resolved

You (both) hold resentments that never get addressed

You might walk on eggshells, tiptoeing around sensitive topics

Little disagreements can explode into stupid fights

Your sex life has lost its spark (you're essentially roommates)

You feel blamed & criticized (nothing you do is ever enough)

You regularly struggle to just feel connected to each other

You (both) often feel unseen, unheard, unappreciated

You ignore what you really want, just to keep the peace

You don't feel like you have each other's backs

Issues get swept under the rug only to resurface later

Any of that ring true for you?

The truth about couples therapy

While we’re advocates for therapy, most couples are failed by couples therapy. Why? Because most therapists don’t know how to effectively (and respectfully) address the unique challenges men face in intimate relationships.

Too many men leave therapy sessions frustrated and confused, and still without useful clarity around what their wives and girlfriends actually want from them... and even less around what to do about it.

After 10 years of helping thousands of men and women build stronger, more loving relationships, here’s what we’ve found works:


Identify What (Actually) Needs to Change

You must get clarity around the deeper dynamics and patterns sabotaging your relationship. When you clearly see the unskillful, even damaging practices, habits, and patterns that aren’t serving you – or the relationship – now you can begin to shift those patterns.


Get a Practical, Step-By-Step Guide

Relationships are complex, and most support offered to men isn’t helpful. You need a simple strategy, a logical map to move you from your problems to your solutions – solutions that are practical to implement, easy to maintain, and address the core pillars of a thriving relationship.


Get Support and Accountability

When it comes to something as complex and delicate as a relationship, going it alone is a recipe for disaster. Having mentors to guide you through the work, and a community of men to support and celebrate you along the way, is vital to your long-term success.

You deserve to feel free, respected, and desired, physically and emotionally, in your relationship.

Take the next powerful step toward a healthier, thriving relationship

Includes everything you need. And nothing you don’t.

What you DO matters more than what you KNOW. While other programs overwhelm you with information, we equip you with only the essential skills that will genuinely make a difference, so you can get in, level up, and get back to feeling great in your relationship.
9 Video Modules

The module videos contain high-quality, research-based relationship training developed over years of coaching thousands of men and women in relationships. You can watch the videos at any time on your phone, tablet, or computer, and you will get lifetime access, ensuring you can brush up on strategies and tools any time you need to.

Live Mentorship Calls

At least three times a month, we’ll get together as a group on a 2-hour on a Zoom call. You’ll get direct, hands-on support to help you implement what you're learning, overcome challenges as they arise, and get the feedback you need. You’ll get powerful strategies, tools, and insights on every call. All calls are recorded in case you cannot attend live.

6 Months of Support & Accountability

You’ll join a powerful community of other men working to elevate their own relationships. Doing this work alongside other men can help keep you accountable, ensuring you follow through on pursuing what you most desire. This is a place where you get to learn from other men’s successes, and their mistakes, too. And we’ll celebrate your wins here, as well.

Hot Button Bonus Trainings

This program only gets better with time, as we constantly add new worksheets and training to address specific issues brought to us by you and other men in the program. You’ll get access to these “Hot Button” trainings as soon as they drop into the program, ensuring you stay sharp no matter what issues arise in your relationship.

9 Core Focuses, 1 Key Outcome:

A Thriving Relationship


Stand In Your Power

Install new habits to create new daily patterns in your life and relationship that create the outcomes you’re longing for – a thriving life and relationship.


Elevate Your Thoughts

Break the negative and persistent thought patterns that are daily sabotaging you and preventing your relationship from succeeding.


Embrace Intimacy

Connect with what you feel, need, desire, and how to express that to your partner in ways that leave you feeling empowered and her feeling loved.


Unlock Her Heart

Care for your partner’s heart in a way that leaves her feeling safe, loved, and seen so she can relax and open herself up to you.


Create Safety & Trust

Eliminate power struggles, create a safe container for the relationship, and set healthy boundaries that foster clarity, trust, and true generosity.


End Unnecessary Conflict

Disagreements are inevitable. Knowing how to effectively navigate them when they arise, and to quickly repair when they get the best of you, can actually bring you closer rather than just tear you apart.


Open Your Heart

By opening our hearts to our partner – letting her in – in ways that don’t leave us feeling weak, needy, or like less of a man, we can deepen trust with her, and strengthen the bonds between us.


Ignite Erotic Tension

Harness the primal masculine and feminine differences between you and your partner to create the passionate intimacy and connection you both crave.


Cultivate Unbreakable Connection

End chronic conflict, dispassionate or nonexistent sex, relational stagnation, and persistent nagging by installing regular connection rituals into your relationship.

Get the guidance and support you need to build a thriving relationship


Watch the Video Training

You will know exactly where to begin and each week, you’ll access a new set of training videos that will teach you the key strategies you need to master in order to build a passionate, love-filled relationship.


Implement What You Learn

After watching the training, step-by-step exercises and practices will help you install proven tools, habits, and strategies into your life to help your relationship thrive.


Talk With Us & Get Support

Finally, typically 3x/month we’ll connect for 2 hours on a live group coaching call. You can ask us questions and we'll offer guidance tailored to your needs. You will be surrounded by two coaches and a community of men to help ensure your success on this journey.

Are you ready to experience MORE in your relationship?

Feel deeply – and daily – connected to each other

Resolve conflicts quickly in a way that leaves you both feeling amazing

Reignite sexual desire for each other as your emotional bond strengthens

Confidently speak your truth ... without the threat of punishment

Things that once created conflict ... now aren't even a blip on the radar

Share your feelings, needs, desires in an empowering way

Enjoy a partner who is softer, more open, and deeply connected to you

Feel loved, admired, respected, and supported by her... and her by you!


Bryan Reeves & Tait Arend

Bryan and Tait (life-long best friends of 40 years!) offer a combined 30 years of coaching experience, having supported thousands of men, women, and couples at every stage of relationship, from dating to divorce.

A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan is now an internationally renowned Author & Life/Relationship Coach. His viral blog on relationships has been read by over 50 million people worldwide. Bryan has worked alongside global luminaries such as Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many others. He's the author of two books, including his latest, Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her), which has amassed nearly 300 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Tait is Bryan's co-host of the popular podcast, “Men, This Way.” His professional experience as a leadership coach and his personal journey both as a mentor in the 12-step world of recovery and as a husband of 15 years (and counting) are the foundations of his work with men.

Bryan and his wife, Silvy

Tait and his wife, Elsa

Men: Don’t pass this opportunity to build a thriving relationship

Experience more freedom in your relationship

Feel more desired, emotionally and physically

Be respected, seen, and appreciated, again

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